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One of the things I love about Patterson is his storytelling mastery.  His ability to hook me with a character, and a story, that makes me want to follow them wherever they go, and care about what happens to them.  Alex Cross is one of those characters.I saw Kiss the Girls as a movie several years ago, but I don’t think the movie came close to giving me the same personal interaction with the characters as the book.  Perhaps it’s my own imagination kicking in, or maybe just the fact that the movie characters weren’t the same person I had envisioned.  Either way, I loved the book much more than the movie.

Definitely not your cozy mystery.  If gruesome murders and graphic torture makes you queasy, then you should probably skip this one.   I’ve often thought some of this wasn’t necessary, but these scenes take you into the mind of the killer, making them real.  Out of all the Patterson books I’ve read, I think this is probably my favorite.  The personal interest Cross has in capturing one or both of the serial killers makes him all the more human and real.  He not only needs to get these people off the street, he needs to do it before his own niece becomes the next body he finds.  A real page turner you won’t want to put down until the very end.





Book Review - Virtual Justice 

With so many books available and so little time to read we all find ourselves seeking out the best of our favorite genres.  I have been a M. A. Comley fan since I picked up Cruel Justice, Book 1 of her 7 book series. I felt a strong empathy with her main character, DI Lorne Simpkins, a woman who holds an extremely important career position and yet still struggles with the everyday life problems of marriage and family.  Few people can understand the strain both mentally an emotionally that having to put your job before your family creates.  And when that very job that you love places those you love the most in danger--well, it may not seem like a difficult choice, but for the one making it--it's often devastating.  Lorne gained not only my empathy, but also my respect.


Virtual Justice is by far, in my opinion, the best yet.  Not only have I seen one of my favorite characters grow and develop, along with a great supporting cast of characters, this story is so close to reading a true crime novel that it shows the author's growth and expertise in both writing and story telling.  I will literally be surprised if Virtual Justice does not end up on the NYT's or USA Today's bestseller lists.  It would make a wonderful movie and one that would surely hit close to home with today's social media connections so prevalent.




Lorne and her husband, Tony, who run a small PI business are contacted by the sister of woman who has been missing for several days.  Lorne, with the help of her former DI partner, Katy, start an investigation when the woman is discovered murdered the next day.  Another body appears and their investigation leads them to an internet dating site.  The case becomes confused when the victims turn from female to male.  Two killers?  A bi-sexual?  With an on-line shopping center of lonely people seeking that perfect companion, the killer has endless opportunities to hone his/her craft and satisfy an ever increasing appetite to kill.  Can Lorne and Katy uncover the truth before another innocent dies?


A page-turner that will keep you entertained from the very first page.  Grab some snacks, something to drink and turn off the phone.  You're not going to want to put this one down until the very last page--and then you'll want more.



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